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  BDC & Sales Follow-up  

A custom one-to-one follow-up video may be the most powerful way to set your team apart from the competition.


It's been said that people buy cars from people they like. By using a personal video your Sales Team will demonstrate that they are genuine, real and personable.


Take the fear out of the visit to your dealership by using Video Lead Responder.

VLR Features

More than a Slideshow

Custom Landing Pages

More than a plain YouTube link. We provide our dealerships with customized dealer brand, product branding, and Sales Consultant credibility.

Our landing pages are designed to cause your prospects to engage. Key elements such as vehicle videos, photo galleries, contact information, and dealer site links keep you in the game.

Plane on Runway

Real-time Notifications

Knowing your prospects level of interest and engagement will help you to determine the next step to take in your ongoing follow-up process.

Our real-time notifications, reports, and metrics will help you know how engaged your prospects are.

Real-time Notifications to Sales Consultant

Professional Introductions

The flexibility our Video Lead Responder APP allows for a direct, "one-off" personal introduction, a dealer produced pre-roll or a default Salesperson Introduction.

Your Sales Team will take follow-up to a new level by addressing the customer's primary area of interest with video. 

Parking Lot
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