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AAA Club Alliance


Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems Training

ADAS Overview Nearly 96% of all 2020 vehicle models have at least one ADAS feature available.  Technicians will learn to fully understand the theory of operation of modern ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. Including Customer awareness and coaching tips for Service Advisors.


Introduces the fundamental concepts of direct current. The basic laws of DC circuits including Ohm's Law are applied to series and parallel circuits with practical application using multimeters.

30 Day Enrollment

Training for Shop Owners, Service Writers, Service Managers

and Technicians!

  • Fee or just $95 (regularly $130 pers student payable at time of registration.
    Use Promo Code: AOV95

  • All courses off 30-day enrollment.

  • All students will receive a certificate at the end of each course. 

  • Registration available now at

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